Did Someone Say New Team Members?

by Caitlin Wood


PhysioWest is incredibly proud and excited to announce the arrival of a brand new Remedial Massage Therapist and Exercise Physiologist!

We are expanding our team, our services, our availability and so much more. And, it doesn’t end there.

Watch this space! But for now…

We have 2 new faces that have joined the PhysioWest Family! Our new fabulous Remedial Massage Therapist (RMT), Kana, started with us in mid-May and is already off to a flying start. Our brilliant new Exercise Physiologist (EP), Brett, has almost completed his first week and he is already showing impressive skills and expertise. YAY!

Our team would like to take the opportunity to introduce our new team members and let you all get to know them a little better.

Meet, Kana!

Kana graduated from her training as an RMT  in 2018! And she hasn’t looked back since.

Kana previously lived in Japan where she worked as a receptionist and office worker. Later on, she taught Japanese in Malaysia for 2 years. After all this, she then moved to Sydney Australia where she became qualified in Massage. Finally, she eventually ended up in Adelaide, joining the PhysioWest Team!

With 5 years of experience under her belt, she specializes in remedial massage, sports massage, Swedish massage, aromatherapy, reflexology and pregnancy massage (What a list!). Kana is really sweet and caring, which is exactly what you want in an great allied health professional.

She loves coastal walks and getting a coffee at a local café with some friends (who doesn’t! *wink*). She also loves to travel! She’s previously been to Europe, South East Asia, USA and NZ! She’s also determined to travel Australia a bit more and is planning on heading over to Western Australia and Alice Springs. Kana also stayed in Edinburgh, Scotland for a year to play the bagpipes (we bet you weren’t expecting that!) and learnt general English with just a hint of a Scottish accent! She’s now apart of a pipe band and travels to events across Adelaide. She is one impressive lady!

Kana has a monumental amount of professional experience. Not only that, but she’s a fantastic person to boot. Kana is already an amazing asset to our team and we look forward to seeing her flourish even more!

Kana has immediate availability at both our Mile End and Salisbury clinics. If you haven’t already, treat yourself to a massage with Kana, we highly recommend it!

Meet, Brett!

Brett graduated Clinical Exercise Physiology with Honors in 2022 and officially joined the PW Family in May! We already know just how lucky we are to have Brett around, and we are so excited for his future clients. He’s already a huge hit!

Brett is especially interested in rehabilitation, mental health and chronic pain. He is committed to helping clients regain their confidence and their individual ability! As an EP, Brett is able to prescribe exercise based plans as intervention for a number of chronic conditions and illnesses. If you’d like to know more about what an EP does, read our recent blog!

He became interested in EP after utilizing exercise interventions himself for his own physical and mental health. This led him down a path of pursuing a degree in Exercise Science and eventually EP! He’s always been a very active person and played a variety of sports including footy, cricket, gymnastics and baseball.

As time went on, Brett decided it was time to take a break from competitive sport. However, Brett is still very passionate about exercise and has his own home gym with a pair of gymnastic rings hanging on his veranda (very impressive!). Although he’s taken a break from competitive sport, his passion never faded! In particular, he’s very passionate about baseball! In Major League Baseball (MLB) he follows the St Louis Cardinals and the LA Angels. He also follows the crows in AFL despite his partner’s family being die-hard Port Fans! He also loves trying new restaurants in the city or going to a local gig. He’s also constantly looking for new music to listen to and keeps his eyes peeled for new gigs.

It’s very clear that Brett is extremely passionate about what he does in all facets of life, and we can’t wait to see this passion grow and thrive around the clinics! He’s already made an amazing impression on our team, our clinic and our valued clients. We welcome him to the PW Family with open arms!

Please join our team in giving Kana and Brett the warmest welcome!

If you have been thinking about booking an appointment with an RMT or EP, now is the time! Both Kana and Brett will be working at our Mile End and Salisbury clinics. So, with double the availability, double the knowledge, double the passion, there is no better time to come and see us in the clinic. Kana and Brett can’t wait to meet you.


To book an appointment online, click the button below or in the top right hand corner! Alternatively, give our client services team a call on 8352 3582.

Spots are filling up fast, so run! Don’t walk…


Thanks PhysioWest fam! See you in the clinic soon…



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