Client Experience Officers

Rebecca Clare


Masters of Law specialising in Workplace and Human Relations. Rebecca enjoys working with the team at PhysioWest to deliver the best in customer service. Rebecca enjoys travelling and enjoying time with family and friends.

Patrick Anderson

Brand Leader & Client Experience Officer

Hi, I’m Pat!

I’m part of the client services team here at PhysioWest. I graduated University with a degree in Business, where I found a passion in Business Development and Digital Marketing.

I have extensive experience in customer relations by working with a wide range of people. I enjoy creating positive experiences and developing personalised relationships with all people I work with.

I have played all different sports growing up and also consider myself a diehard sports fan! On the weekends, you’ll find me either hanging out with friends or going for walks with my dog!

I live by treating others how you would like to be treated and radiating positivity through my own life and others.

Taya Harding

Client Experience Officer

Hello, my name is Taya. It’s lovely to meet you!

I graduated high school in 2018 in my small hometown where I grew up, Kingston Southeast. In 2019 I excitedly moved to Adelaide to continue my studies at university. I have since been studying a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Adelaide. I was always afraid that I would choose the wrong degree, but so far, so good! So many people often ask me why I picked two degrees that are polar opposites. The truth is, in high school I was told I could debate until the cows come home (sorry mum!), and I also wasn’t ready to give up science. I have always had an interest in science, in school I studied physics and biology because I had a curiosity for the ways in which the body and the world worked. That curiosity now translates into my university life and my working life! A double degree also meant options, and I am so excited to see where my degrees will take me.

Growing up my life basically revolved around sports. I played netball for my local club, my school and occasionally our league. I played and coached tennis, played and coached basketball, and I even played cricket. I always loved sports day and swimming carnival as well. I actually originally wanted to be a physio after I sustained a hamstring injury as a teenager that drastically changed my ability to participate in sport, however, that clearly changed along the way.

I have had a number of jobs in a range of industries in the past few years, including hospitality, retail, and a slither of politics/policy! All these jobs and experiences have led me to where I am now, aka working with/helping care for you guys!

My story with PhysioWest begins as a client, I saw Caitlin for issues related to my back and my posture. I had an amazing experience with Cait, and I saw a lot of progress from our sessions. I know how committed the team are to providing an exceptional service from a personal standpoint, as well as professional. I am so lucky to join the PhysioWest team and be a part of the contributions that the team make in our community. My range of experience I believe ensures I am well equipped to help you begin an amazing journey with the team at PhysioWest.

My motto is that there is no reason to have any regrets in life. The decisions that you make, that either end up being positive or negative, make you who you are. You are without a doubt a better, smarter, and wiser person because of the choices you make and how they shape you. Basically, you don’t lose, you learn!

Outside of work, I love to go to the beach or a pool. If there’s sun, I will almost certainly be outside in it – I am basically a plant at this point, sun = energy! I also love to spend time with my family and friends. A goal of mine is also to read more and to invest more time into myself.

To invest in yourself and your health – book your appointment below. We would love to work with you!

Caitlin Wood

Client Services Team

Hi, my name is Caitlin!
I graduated from High School in 2020, probably having one of the worst senior years (due to the pandemic and all) but it didn’t stop me from getting into University! I completed my first year of Uni in 2021 for a Bachelor of Health and Medical Science. However, this course didn’t feel right for me and due to some other personal reasons I decided to take 2022 off.

Over the years I have dabbled in some sports. I participated in calisthenics growing up then moved onto dancing for 7+ years on and off. Then, I moved into swimming and did it competitively for a bit but soon stopped to focus on school and my career. I do enjoy a good book and have recently started to join the plant army (my Mum is very proud).

I previously worked in retail for 4 years and I was the youngest supervisor on the team at that time. This experience taught me a lot about my work ethic and my passion for customer service.
Although, I wanted to branch out and move into a new environment. It just so happened that my Mum received an email from PhysioWest asking if she knew anyone who’d be interested in a client service role. A few months later, I was a part of the PhysioWest Team!

I’ve always been very family oriented! I’m half Scottish and Australian, so I have a lot of relatives in Australia and even more in Scotland that I try to keep in touch with. I try to help my family and friends in any way possible and most of the time I put them first before myself. Which I believe is the main reason my career has always been in the direction of customer service.

I’ve been very lucky to have joined the PhysioWest family as the whole team is extremely welcoming and passionate about what they do! I look forward to where this journey takes me and hope to find my career along the way!

Book your appointment below! We’d love to see you in the clinic!

Lili Stevens

Client Experience Officer

Hi, I’m Lili!
I’m part of the client services team here at PhysioWest.
I have over 6 years of experience in customer service roles, spanning over a breadth of industries. Most notably, I was given the opportunity to manage a café and loved bringing a smile to my customers’ faces.

I’m currently in my 3rd year of the Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree. Having the opportunity to combine my love for physiotherapy and building customer relationships, at PhysioWest, is amazing!

I’ve always enjoyed sports. I played a season of every sport I could get my hands on, often playing multiple sports every year. When I was 9, I came across hockey, and that was the sport I fell in love with. I’m now playing my 12th season and currently playing in the top league in Adelaide, Premier League. I have also been lucky enough to represent South Australia at National Hockey Championships over the last 12 years.

I’m proud to say that I work with such a welcoming and passionate team who are committed to providing exceptional service and treatment, ensuring you return to the things you love to do. I’m thankful for this opportunity at PhysioWest, and will strive to ensure that each customer has a positive experience when visiting our clinics.

Katerina Houston

Client Experience Officer

Hi! My name is Katerina, but you’re welcome to call me Kat.

I graduated high school in 2022 and am currently studying a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) at the University of Adelaide. Thank fully, my passion in diagnosis, treatment, exercise and education has lead me to take on a role as a Client Services Officer at the Best Physiotherapy Establishment in Adelaide! Working in the clinic around such educated, professional and nurturing practitioners has really allowed me to grow my skills not only as a Client Services officer, but as a budding Physiotherapist!

Growing up, I was definitely a busy bee. Starting dance at age 4, I continued for 10 years until
it was time to move on. Fun fact No. 1, this is where I met our emerging leader and Client services legend Caitlin! I began piano at age 4 also, where I am technically a qualified Piano teacher (fun fact no. 2). Then to add to that mix, I started playing netball at age 11 for my local club and still continue to play in the country to this day! Fun fact no. 3, I thought to add to the stress of Year 11 and 12, I would play a very unknown sport called Canoe Polo.

Simply, you canoe around a field marked out in water and aim to get more goals than the opponent. Although I could not master the canoing side, I thought to try something I normally wouldn’t and I actually really enjoyed it!

Outside of work and study, I enjoy exercising at the gym and spending time with my friends, laughing and cherishing all of our moments together. These times also usually include some type of food, whether that would be a trip to sushi train or our local KFC.

One statement that I live by is that you should not settle for less, just because it’s easier. Growth comes from uncomfortable situations, and taking that one step out of your comfort zone can allow for amazing things to take place.

Take that step and book an appointment with us today! We’d love to see you in the clinic and help you be the best version of yourself!

Rebecca Rees

Client Experience Officer

Hi, I’m Rebecca, also known as Bec!

I am a CST member here at PhysioWest. I’ve had a number of varying roles over the years, working in hospitality, retail, reception work and a sports trainer at a soccer club. I graduated from school in 2015, and since then I have graduated from a degree of Health Science, in which I was given the opportunity to study in England for a few months, and now I am in my third year of physiotherapy at uni. This is what brought me to PhysioWest! I love being able to experience what it will be like to work in a physiotherapy clinic along side by degree.

I love keeping active as much as I can. I have played netball and tennis since I was young, I love going to the gym a few times a week and taking my dog for walks on the beach. On weekends (when I’m not busy studying) I’m either hanging out with friends and family, or going camping whenever I get a chance!

I feel very grateful to be working for PhysioWest, it’s such a great team to be a part of and everyone is very welcoming! I love being able to help people and to make everyone’s experience at PhysioWest a positive one.

Tily Taylor

Wellness Officer

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