Hi there,

I have graduated from the Federal University of Paraiba in Brazil with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy – 2015 – and Masters of Physical Education – 2017. Since being a kid I used to say that I wanted to ‘take care of people’s bones’ which later translated into a passion for the health sciences and their power to enhance people’s quality of life. Having a physio in the family – my aunt – was the final push needed to get me into physiotherapy!

I’m originally from a tiny city called Santa Rita – Brazil – and moved to Adelaide with my partner in 2018 to do my PhD at UniSA. I have always been a curious person who likes to understand how things work which is likely why research fascinates me.

When working with clients, I always try to merge my physio and research training to provide the best care and advice possible. One of my best-loved quotes comes from my favourite TV show – Doctor Who – which says ‘we’re all stories at the end, let’s just make it a good one!’. That translates a lot of my passion for physiotherapy as, for me as a physio, I’m here to work with you to improve your general health and well-being and helping you to achieve your goals so your ‘story’ can be the best one possible!

Since the first contact I had with PhysioWest, I was amazed by the welcoming environment and how supportive the whole team is. I started working at PhysioWest straight after completing my PhD and I couldn’t think about a better place for me to transition back to doing what I love to do which is practicing as a physio.

Moving to Australia was such a great experience and since then I have met amazing people which helped me to feel part of the community very quickly. Actually, I couldn’t imagine myself living anywhere else now! Besides English, I also speak Portuguese and Spanish so if you think that this would help with your consultation I can’t wait to meet you. I’m also a movie lover so if you have any recommendations please don’t hesitate to let me know! I always have time for a new favourite musical.

Book your appointment below – I’d love to work with you.

Elisio Pereira


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