Ankle Taping 101

How to tape your ankle

Ankle injuries are very common.

They can happen to people of all ages every day and can be very painful. The most common area of injury to the ankle is on the lateral aspect (outside of the ankle).

Here is our step-by-step guide to tape for additional basic support for the lateral aspect of the ankle.

Should I seek professional advice?

We recommend you seek the advice of one of our physiotherapists before taping your own or another’s ankle. The guide below does not take into account individual circumstances so it is important you are assessed to determine whether this taping technique is appropriate to you.


What about allergies?

If you have not used tape on your skin before, we recommend placing a small strip on your arm of leg before apply large strips of tape on your skin to monitor for potential allergic reactions. If you feel an itching sensation, burning pain or notice any areas of redness or raised lumps around the tape you should remove the tape immediately. If you do experience a reaction, you can apply hypoallergenic tape first to protect your skin before applying the stronger rigid tape.


Download our free taping guide here:
Guide – Ankle tape


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