Are you pregnant or a new mum and wondering when you should start seeing a Physio?


When’s the right time to see a Physio about Women’s health?

You may be asking yourself “Is it too early to see a Physio about Women’s health, I only just found out I am pregnant?” or perhaps you are thinking “I have probably left it too late, I’m about to give birth/just given birth”. To give you the short answer it is never too late to or too early to embark on pre/post natal care with our Physios! Consider us as another piece of the puzzle in that support network throughout this magical journey.

So you’ve just found out you are pregnant and want to know how we can help? As our incredible body adapts to bubs it’s common to experience lots of little aches and pains, particularly in the lower back. Initially we will help you settle these down with a range of hands on therapy techniques and light exercises. We will also work with you to start tailoring an exercise and strengthening program to your needs – strengthening your body to support the weight of the baby and prepare your body for birth. We also help to best prepare you for a speedy postpartum recovery. 

We have lots of options for strengthening that we can utilise to best suit you! We have exercises on the Pilates reformers, exercise ball and mat work. We will also tailor an exercise program for you to tackle at home, which we keep a close eye on to make sure it is suitable for you and the stage of your pregnancy. We will start to help provide some education to you on what you may expect after bubs and how to provide some strategies to help speed up recovery. 

Following birth we are here to help regain muscle strength and function postpartum. Whilst there is a focus on core and pelvic floor strengthening (on the reformers, fitness balls and matwork), there may also be a need for some hands on therapy to help settle down any niggles since having bubs – particularly any neck, shoulder and back aches or pains commonly associated with nursing, feeding, carrying/lifting bubs. 

Whether it be 12 weeks pregnant or 6 weeks postpartum, it’s never too early or late to give the clinic a call to see how we can best support you.  Even better, you’ll have a fabulous, excited and caring Physio who will be with you every step of the way!

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