Group Exercise Classes at Mile End & Salisbury

Our Physio Team are passionate about delivering small sized group classes which are:

  • Motivating and fun
  • Tailored to your activity level and goals
  • Safe and family friendly
  • Interactive with an emphasis on physio guidance and direction

Supervised group exercise is fantastic for:

  • meeting new people
  • staying on track and committed
  • ensuring your technique and enjoyment is maximised!

We love to empower our community to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

If you are looking to get strong, improve your fitness or achieve a specific goal after injury, our group classes are for you.

To get started in a class, our Pre-Class Assessments are a great foundation to:

  • understand your story
  • assess your movement
  • develop a program suited to you

Pre-Class Assessments run as a standard physiotherapy appointment and provide a great bridge for a smooth transition into a class you will get the most from.

Book Your Pre-Class Assessment Online Below:

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