Personalised Exercise Programs in Mile End & Salisbury

Getting started with exercise can be a challenging hurdle to overcome. Our personalised exercise programs are great if you are:

  • New to exercise
  • Striving towards a goal
  • Recovering from an injury
  • Driving to improve performance

Tailoring a physio specific exercise program to you is a great place to start, and brings fantastic results when compared to generic exercise programs. Our team ensure that your program is:

  • Realistic and achievable
  • At a suitable level to make significant improvements and minimise injury risk
  • Motivating and fun

We love to empower our community to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Our onsite gyms are a family friendly environment to exercise in. Completing your personalised exercise program together with your physio in our gym is a great way to:

  • stay on track and accountable
  • ensure you are doing the exercises correctly
  • maintain motivation and momentum

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