Coffee Time! Our Favourite Local Cafe’s


A match made in heaven…

Are you a coffee lover? A caffeine addict? Or love a wholesome way to start your day? Same. Great for pre-appointment, pre-work, pre-study, with a friend or family, a cute surprise for a loved one. What’s not to love?

We LOVE coffee, but even more, we LOVE our local businesses!

Oh and don’t worry, if you don’t like coffee, there’s a bonus recommendation just for you.

If you’re a long-time local to the area or a fresh face, keep on reading to find your new favourite café…

Mile End & surroundings:

Because Mile End is our OG clinic it’s tough to pick just 5 – but this means you’ve got the best of the best right here. If you don’t believe us, just check out the business’ google reviews. They have HUNDREDS of reviews with almost perfect ratings.

1. Pixie & the Hawk

Our joint favourite spot for coffee (and food!). Our team frequents the café like it’s going to close down tomorrow. A short few metres away makes it the best pre-work, during-work, and sometimes even post-work fuel. And post-workout fuel – our class-goers sometimes even have post-pilates brunch over there. Our directors love the bacon and egg roll for a work breakfast treat. The owners and the staff are amazing people and workers and we love supporting their business. They have really adventurous and creative menu options too, so if that’s your scene we definitely recommend trying it out. Packed with good vibes, and better coffee!

2. Kalymnos Pastries

Our other joint favourite café! Another one that’s just a few short steps away from our front door. A family run business that is built on years of Greek tradition! Our directors often grab their meeting coffees there. Our director, Bec, LOVES their hot chocolates as a morning or afternoon treat, the perfect sweetness equals the perfect hot choccy. Famous in-clinic for their great coffee and even better pastries! If you need a pick me up, but also a treat, this cafes a good one stop shop. As they say, treat yourself!

3. Mister Sunshine’s

A little further away from the clinic, but still amazing food and amazing coffee. Close to the city, but still close to us. A really cute outdoor café with a cottage-core vibe inside. House made goodies and a lot of puppy visitors make this a super wholesome place to visit. The coffee is always amazing, as is the service. Highly recommend!

4. Loveon Cafe

Based right in Mile End this is another really close café to our clinic! Known for their casual, vintage, and warm vibe this place is another really wholesome spot for a coffee. Loveon is a really popular choice for locals in the area and that should come as no surprise! Delicious food, great coffee, unique atmosphere. A middle-eastern theme to their food makes them stand out from the café-crowd. Self-described as ethically sound, hearty and unpretentious – what more could you want?

5. Elementary Coffee

Another go-to for our team. An Adelaide favourite with a super modern vibe and atmosphere. There’s nothing Adelaideans love more than a really great café with really great coffee. Known as an ‘institute in coffee’, you won’t be disappointed with your visit. New to Torrensville but such a great addition to the area. If you’re a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur we highly recommend. Concept & coffee, *chef’s kiss*!

If you give any of them a go, we would love to know what you thought!

Salisbury & surroundings:

Because we’re so spoilt for choice within a few metres, we only have a list of 3 favourites out at our Salisbury clinic… If you have a favourite that isn’t listed below, let us know. We’d love to give the place a go!

1. Saints Kitchen

The joint-closest coffee place to our Salisbury clinic. The convenience of sharing the Saints Shopping Centre with Saints Kitchen is a dream. Such friendly staff and good coffee. We love taking a short stroll over to grab ourselves and our team mates a lil’ pick me up during the work day! A great option in the area for a takeaway coffee. Plus, they have breakfast, lunch and dinner too.

2. St Georges Bakehouse

The other joint-closest coffee place to our Salisbury clinic. Another Saints Shopping Centre cafe that is always pumping with regulars and shoppers! Our team members love the staff and the super quick service there. This is our go-to for a coffee at the start of the day. Especially on a cold winters morning – it’s something we look forward to when getting out of bed each morning. Plus they have great food options that our team loves for the days we want to buy some lunch. Both the bakehouse and Saints Kitchen are great options for a coffee on the run.

3. First Things First

Our team loves to stop by First Things First on our way to the clinic in the morning. Never been before? You’re in for a treat. And guess what?! It’s a drive through! No need to get out of your car, a smooth and totally worth it stop. There’s sometimes a long line up in peak hours, but it is a sign of good things to come…

4. Zitto

A bonus recommendation! Our resident coffee disliker’s favourite spot for a sweet treat. Her go to is a chai latte, and the one at Zitto does not disappoint. Described as her personal fave in the area, she loves to visit here outside of work. If you love a chai latte, she recommends giving this one a try!


If you try any of our local faves, let us know what you thought. And hey, if you absolutely loved the coffee and anything else about your experience, leave them a 5-star google review. It helps local businesses more than you know. We thank you in advance for the support you provide our local friends.
And… we’d love it if you turned your morning coffee into a pre-appointment coffee. If you have any aches, pains, injuries, or concerns pop in after your coffee run for a chat! Or, call us on 8352 3582 or book online via the links below and in the top right to make an appointment. Our physiotherapists are always happy to help, we have many more great recommendations, advice and knowledge up our sleeves!
As always, we’d love to see you in the clinic soon. Happy caffeinating!




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