Coming back from back pain



Low back pain is one of the worlds most prevalent health conditions, with around 1 in 6 (16%) Australian’s experiencing back pain each year, and up to 90% of people experiencing it at some stage of their life. 

Here are some tips on how to overcome your low back pain.


Don’t be put off by medical jargon

Some terms we hear a lot within the clinic are that patients have ‘slipped a disc’ or have ‘put there back out of place’. These phrases sound very harmful and scary, and are a highly inaccurate representation of what’s going on in the spine. The truth is that our spine and intervertebral discs are an extremely strong, robust structure that are so securely attached, that they simply CAN NOT slip out of place. 

Remember that your back is a strong, stable structure built to bend, twist and move with your body. If you experience a severe, sudden episode of back pain after lifting, remember that nothing has slipped out of place.


Don’t be put off by your MRI results

All too often when you’ve had scans, it will come back with some kind of ‘abnormality’, ‘disc degeneration’ or ‘disc protrusion’. For someone who doesn’t understand these terms, it can be quite frightening. The truth is that these changes are a normal part of aging and just like our skin, our joints can show wrinkles or grey hairs as well.


The key is to remain active and avoid bed rest

For back pain that has come on recently, it is often tempting to rest and lie in bed all day until it gets better. Research now shows that those who remain active and avoid bed rest (even when in pain) recover quicker and are less likely to have chronic pain and disability. We suggest that you find a balance between allowing your back to settle, and performing gentle exercise.


Exercise and strengthening helps prevent re-occurrences

Exercise is very healthy for our backs and living a physically active lifestyle is the best approach to preventing re-occurrences. You may be wondering what forms of exercise is safe, and quite simply, it can be any form of exercise that you enjoy. Whether it’s walking, running, cycling, swimming, yoga, pilates, hiking, gym.. The list goes on! Even running that was once deemed to be damaging to our spine has no link to the development of low back pain. 

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