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Around 80% of us suffer from back pain at some stage in our lives. Even worse is that there is a very high recurrence rate of back pain following that initial episode. For some, pain can move into a chronic back pain cycle which can have a detrimental effect on lifestyle. Back pain can often affect your ability to perform even the simplest daily tasks.

Back pain can be caused by numerous structures in your back. This pain is often a deep aching feeling in the lower back and is frequently made worse by movement or maintaining the same position for a prolonged period. Acute back pain that occurs suddenly can be the result of trauma, for example from bending, heavy lifting or twisting in a way that causes aggravation to the muscles, ligaments or joints of the back. It can also develop without any apparent cause and be just as painful. Chronic back pain may occur over a prolonged period of time as a result of repetitive motions that put stress on the back.

How can PhysioWest help?

We offer a variety of treatment approaches that will assist you in your recovery. Our self-management advice includes staying active and using simple approaches to relieve your pain. Come and visit one of our physios today so they can recommend a personalised treatment plan for you. Understand the types of physiotherapy techniques here.

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  • The muscles, ligaments, discs or bones in your back could all be the source of back pain. Conditions like arthritis, cancer or infection are rarely causes of back pain
  • Resting in bed will probably delay recovery – movement is key
  • Most people with back pain do not need an X-ray, CT or MRI scan
  • Most patients do not need to see a specialist. Surgery is only suitable for a very small group of patients with back pain

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