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Joint and muscle pain are common musculoskeletal complaints. Your pain may be due to muscles, ligaments, joints, cartilage and soft tissue, or a combination of these. Muscles which contract to create movement can be injured, and become strained. Ligaments around joints help control the available movement of a joint, and can be sprained if overstretched. This can also make the joint unstable and create damage to the joint.

How can PhysioWest help?

We can offer a wide range of treatment options. For example, our physios use techniques to assist and speed up recovery that include mobilisation, stretching, massage, postural advice, dry needling and exercise. These techniques help speed recovery by de-loading the affected area and helping you avoid specific activities that may be hampering the natural healing process.

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  • Joint and Muscle is the most frequent presentation to our therapists at PhysioWest.
  • Most people with joint and muscle pain do not need an X-ray, CT or MRI scan
  • Cartilage and other soft tissues around joints are commonly injured and can be slow to recover.

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