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Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a degenerative neurological disease. It affects the insulation (myelin) surrounding the nerve fibres (axons) of the central nervous system, particularly the brain, spinal cord and optic nerve. How MS affects individuals can vary from one person to another. Broadly, MS involves a steady progression of disability, or a series of relapses with prognosis unpredictable.

How can PhysioWest help?

Physiotherapy contributes to the management of MS by providing specific rehabilitation programs and helping with self-management. Physiotherapy intervention and advice early after diagnosis can reduce disability, maximise potential for independence, improve employment sustainability and reduce the impact that the disease has on health and quality of life factors.

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  • MS is most commonly diagnosed between the ages of 20-40 and affects women more than men.
  • Problems with mobility, balance, fatigue and spasticity are common.
  • A strong body of evidence suggests exercise as part of a rehabilitation program increase activity and improve your health and well-being.

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