Do you have Elbow Pain?



Getting sick of or running out of series & movies to watch? 

As we are getting out more and have spare time to do the things that we have been putting off, we are putting new and sudden pressures on our bodies. 

The elbow is a common location of pain, due to this sharp increase in frequency & time on hobbies, gardening, computer use and home exercise. 

The tissues are unaccustomed to the new load or repetitive activity, such as gripping, on the muscle and tendons resulting in pain and loss of function. 

A condition known as Tennis Elbow (often not actually related to sport) is the most common source of elbow pain.  It affects 1-3% of the population, with those 35-50 years old most commonly being affected. 

Tennis Elbow is the outcome of tired and strained muscles, which are responsible for extending the wrist and fingers in the forearm, putting stress on their shared tendon. This shared tendon then attaches to the outer bone in the elbow.

This type of strain in the body will happen over time and with the same repetitive movement. Gradually, other things notices will be that the outer portion of the elbow becomes tender to touch or bump, the muscles of the forearm also become tender to touch as well as tight, you may then experience pain and weakness when grasping/gripping and/or twisting  with elbow movements. 

Golfer’s Elbow (also not often actually related to sport)  is much less common. However, it occurs with the same sharp and unaccustomed jump in load with arm movements. The muscles and tendon strained are responsible for flexing the fingers and wrist and attach to the inner bone in the elbow. Lifting heavy objects or a bag of shopping to simply carrying a heavy pate or opening a jar may cause pain at the elbow. 

To treat these conditions, your Physiotherapists will initially recommend reducing the frequency & load of the movement to a point that is tolerable. You will also have access to manual therapy techniques such as massage, taping, dry needling as well as handy tips, such as using a heat pack/wheat bag to decrease pain and tightness. You will then be guided through graded strengthening, which will build tolerance and resilience, creating health tissues which are able to adapt to the movement or task without pain. 

This process can be something that has the potential to be normally managed for up to 1-2 years so if you’re experiencing elbow discomfort start your management plan today!

For guidance through your pain and how to grade into movement/exercise/load please see us at PhysioWest or through our LivePhysio – Onine Physio Option! 


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