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Hi I'm Emily. It's great to meet you!

I am the Client Services Team Member here at PhysioWest!

Hi, I’m Emily! I’m part of the customer service team at PhysioWest. Originally from Mid North SA, I moved to Adelaide after finishing high school for work and study opportunities.

I’ve always been more into music and the arts than sports so I know next to nothing about the human body and how it works, but I know people, and I love to help them and extend kindness and compassion wherever I can. My favourite part of my job is helping to create a safe, warm and welcoming environment for our patients to ensure they feel comfortable in our care.

When I’m not at work, you’ll see a cheeky, vibrant 3 year old joined at my hip. We enjoy spending our time together at the beach, playing at the park, listening to or playing music,reading, painting, cooking, eating, and just about everything in between!

Becoming a Mother has been the greatest blessing of my life, and has opened my world to a whole new level of love, patience and understanding. Since having my daughter, I have become even more passionate about helping women and children in any way I can, and I love talking all things pregnancy, labour and parenthood.

I believe it’s so important for new Mum’s to get the care they need following birth, but understand firsthand how tricky it can be to prioritise your own health with a newborn (or

with children in general).

One small way I love to help at PhysioWest is by encouraging parents to bring in their little ones, and we will most happily watch them while you receive treatment. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice self-care just because you’re a parent. We’re here to help!