Headaches  – A real pain in the neck!?!




Most of us can say we have had a headache at least once in our life. That’s because headaches are one of the most common health conditions in Australia. Headaches can be debilitating and stop us from doing some of the daily things we love, which makes it important to understand them, address them and manage them appropriately.

Headaches are typically categorised into either a primary or secondary type headache. The main primary headaches include migraines, tension-type or cervicogenic (neck) headaches.

Although they vary in specific features, these types of headaches are typically caused from pain-sensitive structures in our heads/neck/shoulders like stiff joints or tight/tense muscles. Multiple lifestyle factors can trigger the formation of these different headaches including physical and emotional stress, sleep positions and daily/work postures.

Did you know that physiotherapist can help with some of these common headaches? Physiotherapists are trained to treat and provide preventative measures to assist you with your headaches. Some of the many techniques they can offer are:

  • Mobilisation
  • Manipulation
  • Massage
  • Stretching
  • Functional/postural exercises

Physiotherapist can also provide some great advice on how you can prevent your headaches, through lifestyle modification and exercise.

If you or someone you know could use some help, our team of physiotherapist and massage therapists are more than happy to assist. We cannot guarantee to fix your caffeine withdrawal headache, but we can recommend a great local coffee shop across from us which has you covered.

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