How to optimise your movement and function



How can you optimise your movement and function?

The answer is, with a combination of mobility and strength training!
Spinal mobility allows us to move in all directions and squat down and twist to reach those dreaded saucepans from the back of the cupboards.
Having good spinal mobility and flexibility is great but without adequate strength in our muscles, there’s not much to support our mobile bodies. This means that other structures have to pick up the slack and compensate which long-term can lead to pain and injury.
Vice-versa if we are strong but have poor mobility, we may complain of stiffness and pain.
Therefore, targeting the two is optimal to ensure you’re moving like a well oiled and sturdy machine!

Pilates is a great form of exercise that targets both flexibility, spinal mobility and muscular strength. It could be just the answer you’re looking for to improve your daily function.

We hold a number of Pilates classes in clinic from reformer to matwork (core) classes. The classes are small numbers, tailored to your needs and best of all they are fun. Plus, exercising in group settings has been shown to increase motivation and performance.

Classes not quite your cup of tea? No worries, our therapists can help create a home matwork pilates program just for you.

Call the clinic to book a consult with one of our therapists and invest in your body! Our bodies are a temple so look after it and optimise your function!

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