Understanding “YOU”!



Empathy is defined as “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another”. This is a trait I like to think the physios at PhysioWest have in spades. Throughout the week the theme has been that as physios we have had our own share of current and past injuries. The aim was to highlight how we are not infallible and that we share some very similar experiences to the people we want to help. I even referred to myself as a “reformed boom-buster” in the Friday post. I hope it resonates clearly that we are not above anyone and that we all experience similar things to the people we want to help.

Part of being a physio is trying to understand someone in pain. Understanding someone in pain isn’t just a matter of nodding along and agreeing either. Sometimes lending an ear is enough, but often it is about sharing the experience and giving part of our own lives and experiences over as well. How comforting is it to hear that someone has felt a similar pain to you and has found a great exercise that worked to help manage it? Or how comforting is it to know I also struggle with the pattern of pushing through pain until I’m indistinguishable from charcoal toast? I often ask the people I see to consider what else is going on in their life and how it might be influencing their own pain. This is because it is well known that pain is modulated by things such as stress and emotions and often it can be good to recognise how these play into your own pain. This week has been a tough and emotional week for myself external to work and I find that my shoulder (read up about it in my previous blog post) has been sorer this week. Part of this might be attributable to the stress and reduced sleep, so I’ve been trying to do some things I enjoy to keep some balance. Again, I am a physio, but I am a human first. I experience a lot of the same things as those I want to help and I hope it comes across to those I see. 

PhysioWest wants to help you through pain by understanding you. I want to help you through pain by understanding you. I want to know when you are struggling emotionally, or when I give you too much homework (exercises), or when you’re worried your pain might be serious. I’ve been there and we’ve all been there and we feel you.

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