Let’s talk all things periods!


The topic of periods is no longer taboo – not at PhysioWest anyway!

Periods and the menstrual cycle are often not discussed in social situations, but why not?
It’s a natural phenomenon and we should be somewhat grateful for them. Yes, I can’t believe I said that.

It’s taken me a long time to come to terms with the fact that this is a part of my life and it’s not going away anytime soon.

As a young girl, I was terrified at the thought of getting my period. I was embarrassed and I didn’t want anyone to know, not even my family. I remember hitting up google doctor (which I don’t recommend doing by the way. ALWAYS seek advice from a medical professional) and thinking “I’m going to die”, “WHAT is happening to my body?” and “WHY is this happening to my body?”.

For so long I tried my best to hide the fact that every month I would go through the process of getting my period.

Now, my experience is very different to yours, to your sisters, mums, cousins, your friends and everyone else who menstruates, but collectively, we all share a common thing.

I will admit, I didn’t and still don’t know nearly enough to say I am educated on the menstrual cycle and what actually happens to our bodies through the different stages. I felt so uneducated in a topic that was a part of my life, all because it’s seen as a ‘taboo’ and isn’t regularly discussed. So, WHY is it taboo when it’s such a natural thing, experienced by roughly half the population? I’ll never understand it. Often in high school, you scrape the surface but it’s like an ice-burg; you only see so much and there is so much left to discover and understand about our bodies. I thought knowing that it comes every month was enough, but I was so wrong.

I didn’t know it could impact your daily life because sometimes the pain is too much.
I didn’t understand why I felt lethargic even when it wasn’t time for my period.
I didn’t understand why I felt bloated, or craved certain things.
I didn’t understand why women were often described as “moody” during this period of time either.
That’s just the beginning. There is so much to learn and understand about periods and their effects on our bodies and minds, and it’s such a unique experience for every single person who menstruates.

Here at PhysioWest, women’s health is an important part of the services we provide. If you have any questions on how physiotherapy, remedial massage or exercise can help during the different stages of your cycle, please don’t be afraid to ask! Let’s normalise talking about periods – because it’s bloody normal!

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