Make the most out of your movement

You get out of bed, stumble around the house getting ready for work and making a coffee. When you sit in the car or the train you might be a little drowsy still, leaning your head to the side to remember that glorious feeling of having your head back on the pillow. You get to work and sit or stand at your work area, pouring all your concentration into your tasks. At the end of the work day you feel an annoying ache in your back. You think to yourself, how can I be so sore? I did nothing out of the ordinary. You didn’t sleep in, you traveled to work and you went about your tasks normally….


You may not have realised but throughout the day your routine movements could improve your physical well-being if undertaken ‘mindfully’.  My tip is, throughout the day, utilise your body to move in the most competent, resourceful way.


I’m asking you to spend a minute sweating the small stuff. It is as simple as:

  • Engaged your core muscles to smoothly get up out of bed,
  • Squeeze your bum muscles and make your glutes work as you are walking up the stairs.
  • Kept your chin a little bit tucked on that boring ride to work this morning
  • Get up and walk to the printer rather than asking your colleague to grab it on their way past.
  • Try adjusting your work seat and sit in a different position.

It is amazing the difference that can be made by stopping to think about the small things. This may reduce current pains and prevent future pains.


If you are struggling at the end of the day with an achy neck or back, a physiotherapist can look at the way you move and help you pick it apart to be more efficient. If you would like some help making the most out of your movement, book in to see us today.

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Laura Hundertmark, Physiotherapist

Special interest in posture, movement efficiency and brain retraining

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