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Hi, I'm Connor. It's great to meet you!

I hold a Bachelor of Health Sciences (principals of physiotherapy) and Masters of Physiotherapy. I have also attended additional courses to up skill in Dry needling, Headache and Migraine presentations as well as the assessment and management of the dizziness.

I am a Physiotherapist with a special interest in Vestibular presentations, pilates and I am the resident joke maker of the clinic.

My first childhood physio experience, well there were plenty! I suffered from lots of sport injuries!! I was always in and out of physios with various muscle injuries! Also I suffered from migraines a lot as a teenager and physiotherapy really helped with this. I thought it was a really cool job so wanted to learn about it.

I was lead to the health industry by our local massage therapist in Moonta and a physiotherapist in Adelaide really pushed me to be a physio. They loved doing what they did and would tell me all the awesome things you get to see and do as a physio. Once I was in the degree my placement supervisors all loved what they did and provided great experiences.

I joined PhysiOWest after my good friend and physio Spencer told me about the job. Meeting the team made coming here an easy decision!

My life mottos are:

  • Move it or lose it
  • You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take

Outside of work, my family is made up of Mum (Caroline), Dad (Mark), 2 brothers (Stuart (oldest) and Alec (youngest)), my partner (Selena) and our troublesome dog (Edison). I love hockey, coffee, snowboarding, travel, music, swimming and walking Edison. (oh and telling Dad jokes)

My quirky must knows are: I barrack for the Crows! Manchester United! New England Patriots! And the Philadelphia 76ers!


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