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Hi I'm Glenn, it's great to meet you!

When I was younger I played a lot of basketball and sprained my ankles often. I would see a physio to help manage recurrent ankle sprains, The other explanations was I could have been just a clumsy kid.

Before becoming a Physio, I was a Butcher until the age of 21. I was going to a gym and a person there was a Physiotherapy student and I thought it would be a good profession to get into. Also someone I was working for at the time told me I would never get through the course, so that added motivation.

I was finishing up working at a Nursing home and one of the Physios working at PhysioWest recommended that I contact PhysioWest. That was over 5 yrs ago and it has worked out well. I have seen the change from small practice in an old shop front, to the modern new practice. It is great to be part of a large team of specially trained Physios covering a large range of aspects of Physio treatments.

My life motto is: You can do anything you want if you put your mind to it and don’t let people tell you that you cannot do things just because they can’t. The world is open to you if you want to try.' 

My focus areas and passion as a physio is in:

  1. Complex medical conditions
  2. Chronic conditions
  3. Post-surgical rehab
  4. Acute injury management

Outside of work, I and Married and have 2 young adult girls and a new Harvenese dog. Family and family traditions are important to me. I like sports AFL, Cricket, Basketball and Motor Sports, along with Cooking and Travel.

My quirky must know is: I do a massive Christmas lights show at my house and enter the Royal Adelaide Show into the baking section each year. 


  • Bachelor of applied science in Physiotherapy and Master of manipulative Physiotherapy

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