Hi there,

You could say that I uprooted myself after years living in Sydney and moved to Adelaide because of massage. And you would be right! Then, you could also say that I have chosen to still live in Adelaide because of you. And you would be almost 100% right, except that I am also here in part to continue my PhD study at Flinders University.

Yes, I am still on my passionate life path and journey to understand chronic pain and to apply myself with remedial massage to connect to people in a way that enhances their well-being through reducing pain and stimulating recovery.

It started like this: while living in Sydney, mid-career as an executive sales manager in corporate software solutions, I happened to listen to a podcast about chronic pain and how pain medications were failing sufferers and worse, creating further problems like addictions and other symptoms of their own with long-term usage. And in that podcast, they also talked glowingly about the relief that people in pain were experiencing from receiving Myofascial Release therapies.

I was fascinated and was inspired to learn this therapy to be able to help people find relief from chronic pain. Long story short, I moved to Adelaide in 2014 so that I can study under the tutelage of “Grand Master of Myofascial Release” extraordinaire Patricia Farnsworth.

It continued like this: after years of providing massage to tons of people in Adelaide, I can say that I have met so many wonderful people with whom I have had the privilege of applying myself as a therapist to add to their health and well-being. This is truly a satisfying and meaningful journey for me, and I hope, as it is for the people that have received my treatments, some once, some over seventy-seven times!

In fact, I am enrolled in a PhD to study sensory nerves in the fascia and how it relates to the human pain experience, because I am continuing the journey to get even better at what I do and to be able to offer more relief for every one that comes to see me. (And also to be a good role model and inspiration for my dearest darling daughter to one day also consider pursuing a PhD!)

Ultimately, it is all because of YOU! See you soon!

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Alan Quek

Remedial Massage Therapist

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