Hi there,

I love to help people with acute injuries return to fitness and health, as well as sports injury rehabilitation.

Growing up playing a lot of basketball, I’ve had my fair share of injuries, (particularly the rolled ankles!) and I always found that physiotherapy was able to get me back to playing quickly. Throughout my study, I’ve enjoyed watching and assisting my brother rehabilitate after tearing his ACL (twice).

I first pursued a career in a health field because I was fascinated by how the body works to heal from injuries and conditions. I also really enjoy that this career allows me to stay active and interact with different people on a daily basis, I would go crazy sitting at a desk all day.

I found PhysioWest when a presenter from a course I attended suggested I should get in contact with them. I had mentioned to the presenter that what I was looking for in a job was to be able to work with a great team of peers that I would enjoy spending time with away from work too, and I definitely feel PhysioWest is that place.

My Life motto is be kind to everyone, and outside of work I’m a middle child in the family, with one older brother, and two younger sisters. I love playing social basketball and mixed netball.

My quirky must knows are:

  • Love watching NBA, go Chicago Bulls!
  • Adelaide Crows supporter
  • I can fix a rubix cube as well as I can fix your pain!

Book your appointment below – I’d love to work with you.

Ben Slade


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