Hi there,

Growing up I was always active and played a range of sports including football, cricket, and
gymnastics, but baseball has been the main stay for the last 20 odd years. After taking an
extended break from competitive sports however, I once again turned to exercise as a way
to reconnect with body, and to ideally gain some strength and confidence while I was at it.
Starting this journey from the comfort of my own home, I bought a pair of gymnastics rings to
hang from the veranda and I haven’t looked back since.

Along this journey I found a passion for using exercise as a way to improve my physical
health and mental wellbeing, which lead me down the path of returning to UniSA to pursue a
career in exercise science. After a year I transferred degrees to become an exercise
physiologist with the aim of helping others continue doing, or returning to whatever it is you
enjoy the most.

What drew me to PhysioWest was the welcoming and supportive nature displayed by each
team member and their proactive approach taken with their clients, as well as the excellent
facilities at both sites.

I have a keen interest in musculoskeletal rehabilitation, mental health, chronic pain, and am committed to helping people regain confidence in their bodies and individual ability.

One of my favourite quotes is ‘The only normal people are the ones you don’t know very
well’, which serves as a reminder that we’re all individuals, come from different backgrounds,
and have our own lived experiences in life.

Outside of the clinic you’ll find me on the baseball diamond, trying out a new restaurant
somewhere around the city, or hanging out in the crowd at a local gig venue. In the MLB I
follow the St. Louis Cardinals and LA Angels, in the AFL I loosely follow the Crows… despite
my partner’s family being die-hard Port fans, and I’m constantly on the lookout for new music
or gigs.

Book an appointment with us below – I’m looking forward to the opportunity to
work with you at PhysioWest!

Brett Mulryan

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

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