Hi there,

My focus areas and passion as a physio is in sports performance, injury management, and prevention, as well as acute injury management, particularly spinal pain.

Growing up playing soccer, I inevitably suffered numerous injuries and fortunately I got to work with so many fantastic physiotherapists that always helped me to achieve my goals.

The first time I was really inspired to become a physiotherapist was after I tore my ACL playing soccer. My physiotherapist helped me so much through my rehabilitation which enabled me to get back to doing all of the things I love. Having the opportunity to help people through tough times and guiding people towards achieving goals is definitely the best part of the profession.

PhysioWest has great facilities which enable me to provide the best care possible to patients. The philosophies of this practice also very closely resemble my own which is to empower people to be the best they can be.

My life mottos are:

  • “Motion is lotion”
  • “You can’t go wrong with strong”

Outside of work, I live with my Mum (Jane), dad (Andy), three brothers (Josh, Ryan and Liam) and my partner Lauren. I play soccer for Adelaide Comets.
My quirky must know is that I have played soccer in 6 different countries around the world, love snow skiing (though not very good) and have a passion for traveling the world (24 countries and counting).

I studied a Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement and Health Studies) and Master of Physiotherapy at University of South Australia. I have also completed a sports physiotherapy course as well as a Mulligan manual therapy course.

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Nathan Andijanto


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