Hi there,

I absolutely love interacting with people and helping them to achieve their goals, whether that be functional or health orientated. I find it incredibly rewarding and believe it’s important to celebrate the little wins along the way. Every presentation is different and there is NO ‘one size fits all’. Therefore, I aim to work in collaboration with you to identify an effective management plan.

I love treating a variety of different issues; however, my particular areas of interest include rehabilitation, Pilates and neck/upper back pain. I am also interested in the area of Women’s health to help women regain their power and return to their daily lives/activities.

Growing up I played a variety of different sports, with my main loves being basketball and netball. This resulted in a number of injuries and visits to the Physio, igniting my interest in the health field. My experiences throughout University placements only confirmed my interest to pursue this career path.

During my years of study, I suffered from neck and upper back pain. I found a combination of manual treatment, stretching, strengthening exercises and Pilates to be effective strategies in helping to manage my pain. Likewise, I hope to help others reduce their symptoms, get back to their daily activities and reach their full health potential.

A motto I often live by is “You’ve got to risk it, to get the biscuit”. Sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zones to create new and exciting opportunities because if we don’t try, we don’t have any hope in succeeding.

PhysioWest have an extremely fun-loving, caring and supportive work culture which I believe contributes to the exceptional patient-centred care provided. Their core values resonate with me entirely and are what inspired me to join the team. I believe the importance of empowering patients and equipping them with the information and skills to actively self-manage their condition. This extends beyond purely receiving short-term relief, but also aims to achieve long-standing outcomes that can be maintained.

I grew up in Tanunda, a country town located in the Barossa Valley. As you can probably guess, I developed a love and appreciation for all things wine. I have two older sisters, one who’s a journalist and the other an architect, living in London. Growing up in a community-orientated town helped me recognise the power of being supportive, caring and kind to everyone around you.

Whilst studying, I worked as a part-time barista where I met my one true love… coffee. I have a strong appreciation for music (especially triple j) and when I’m not in the clinic you might bump into me at a concert, having a good boogie. I’ve got a strong sock and scrunchie collection so I’m always up for a competition, but I warn you now, it’ll be hard to beat.

I hold a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of South Australia. While studying I identified my passion for working in private practice. On completion of my degree I undertook additional training to obtain a qualification in dry needling.

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Sophie Alderslade


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