PhysioWest: Our Core Values

by Caitlin Wood

Our Core Values: what they are and why we practice them


At PhysioWest we pride ourselves on our core values, and we utilise these each day to maintain and build a great team culture and stand out as a small business. Our first team vision session was back in 2017 where we created our first core values and our expectations of each other. Now every 3-6 months we aspire to continue this! We review and update these values as we progress as a team. You may have seen our annual team retreat or team days on our social media – this is where we build out who we want to be and how (i.e. our core values!).

When selecting each new core value we ask each other;

How can we practice them & What it looks like vs what it doesn’t look like.

These questions may seem short, but they are very effective! They allow us to view each core value in a different light. It also enables everyone to speak freely about their opinions and perspectives on each core value. Everyone receives feedback differently, feels valued differently, and expresses values differently – it’s important for us to share these perspectives and learn more about the people in our team and beyond.

You may be thinking, why does a business need core values? We pride ourselves on delivering the best quality care and being different to other health care providers. We found having values challenges ourselves to improve individually, as a team, and as a business. We are always reminded to act and behave in line with our core values. In our most recent review, our team collaboratively sat down and brainstormed three new core values to adhere to for 2022 going into 2023!

Core Value 1: Elevate others

We are a tight knit team and it’s important for us to elevate not only ourselves but those around us! Especially being an Allied Health Provider we see a variety of individuals with different presentations. And we know getting treatment/help can be easy for some and extremely hard for others. We are dedicated to helping our community improve their health and it can be difficult for clients to accept help from others. But, we push little by little to truly allow clients to be themselves, reach their goals and elevate them to succeed!

As a team, we created this core value to highlight the little and big things in each other’s lives which normally wouldn’t be recognised. It can be anything! It could be shouting out someone to the team for simply checking in or congratulating them on purchasing a brand new car. As you all may know, the little things are what get us through each day, month and year. We applied this thinking to create 5 ways of how we can practice them in clinic and in our lives;

  • We celebrate and acknowledge our strengths
  • We offer support and lend a hand
  • We challenge because we care
  • We empower each other to be our best
  • We grow and learn together

Supporting one another is extremely important to us and can have a significant impact. Recognising this as a small business allows our team to truly support and celebrate each other – empowering them to maintain a safe and supportive environment, think outside the box and innovate our care. We extend this to our community, whom we empower to grow and offer our support. Each week, all of us aim to acknowledge and celebrate another teammate’s achievements and wins. We listen to each other and provide support wherever we can. We avoid giving criticism that is not constructive and offers no solutions. We check in with our teammates regularly. Elevating others is human nature – each one of us lives by this core value, in the clinic but out in the community too!

Core Value 2: Breathe & enjoy the journey

Life can be extremely stressful at times! We are sure this comes as no shock to any of you. This stress can be due to a variety of things. Your car has broken down, the kids have destroyed the house, you’re barrelling towards a deadline that you might not make, or you have a wedding coming up but no outfit yet. Maybe something more sad or significant (if this is the case for you, we send all our love). Obstacles occur in each stage of life causing a cascade of issues – which is an understatement! Occasionally, we need a reminder to breathe because we often forget. We think EVERYONE is very guilty of forgetting to just take a minute, and instead we put a lot of pressure on ourselves. As humans, we are always on the go and forget to appreciate life on the daily. It’s important to take a step back, recognise the small things that bring you peace, breathe and enjoy yourself!

As a team we recognised that healthcare among other industries can be really overwhelming. The team made a good point when brainstorming “how can we be prepared to take care of our community if we are having a hard time?”. It makes you think, well, how can we? We thought of the following ways;

  • We celebrate each others wins
  • We come prepared
  • We know our limits and ask for help
  • We are fully present in all we do
  • We take care of ourselves and practice what we preach

It is super important to us that we follow this core value! Whilst we ideally arrive to work in an amazing mood with a ready-to-go attitude, some days are difficult. We try to minimise this by setting ourselves and each other for success. Each person is different and each person is experiencing different things. As a team, we reinforce that we are a support system for our team mates and we listen to each other and provide help where possible. We will reach out if we are struggling so we can get on top of it. Having a conversation is the first step and we encourage each other to open up and be honest with each other if they are comfortable. PhysioWest is a safe space, always.

We make sure that we put our best foot forward, and always try to be the best version of us.

Again, celebrating each other is a great way to enjoy the journey. We decided as a group to provide a shout out each week to someone else – an underrated tool to keep everyone feeling impactful. We use our mentoring sessions to speak about anything that we are needing help with, it can be professional or personal. This gives our team an avenue to ask for help and take care of ourselves – but also to know where our limits are so we can take a step back and breathe. We promised to always provide our full attention to our team mates and our community, truly the company of others, respect them, and enjoy the journey. This is a simple core value, but it is extremely important and one that everyone can relate to.

Core Value 3: Make a difference

Working in allied health, this one might be obvious. However, it is important because we continuously try to make a difference and go the extra mile for our clients! It is at the absolute centre of what we do. This is why we made it our third core value. We want to make a difference in our clients’ journeys to improve their health and wellbeing. We want our clients to come back if they have any further issues in the future, because they trust us and feel supported by us. As a small business it’s important to change the way we look at health care, we want to be different, we want to break down barriers and be different from other health care providers. We established these actions to live this core value;

  • We take the first step
  • We embrace and drive change
  • We go the extra mile
  • We break down barriers
  • We own our own improvement

These guide us to expand our minds and develop new skills. We learn something new from those around us and share this knowledge with one another. For example, it’s easy to do the same workout each day but when you push yourself, build on your knowledge and actions, that is where the results lie. Plus, it makes it more enjoyable changing it up and upskilling! We excel by innovating, using evidence based care and being different from the norm – which is why this core value is significant. Furthermore, to make a difference we strive to;

  • Provide candid, honest advice and feedback
  • Actively participate in bettering systems and processes for the team
  • Initiate conversations
  • We deliver on the 1%ers – nurture clients, referrers, team members etc.
  • We leave a conversation/session with a clear summary and action point


Each one of the PhysioWest Team has so much care, drive and passion, and are willing to put the effort in to make an impact on those around us. Change can be scary, but change is necessary to seek improvement and develop as a business and as an individual. Making a difference has thousands of different outcomes but we continue to try new things and aim for the outcomes that make us and our clients better.


All of these core values come from our team, these values mean the most to us and we hold these close to our hearts. We hope you feel a little bit inspired from what our team created and hope you see these core values in full effect when visiting our clinics! The next time we shift our focus and develop new values, we’ll be sure to let you know.


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