Alex’s Team Reflection



I joined the PhysioWest family early this year, in January, and I was so eager to start a new career in a new industry! I started in a new role that was created to make sure that our patients and clients get the best experience, every visit – Clinic coordinator! What does my job entail, you ask? To help our team go above and beyond for our everyday patients. At the time I thought I had found the perfect place to continue to build on my personal and professional growth.


Just as I had completed my induction and was getting ready to take a big leap into my shiny new career, we encountered the biggest hurdle the world has seen in a while – COVID-19. This put a major pin in my plans to take on this role and run with it! As we all well and truly know, the effects of COVID-19 came in fast and hard. We had big plans for our clinics and suddenly, seemingly overnight, we had to change tactics. This forced us, like so many businesses, to take a look at how we were running. We needed to make sure, most of all, that our team and patients were safe and healthy. Then we needed to work out how we could continue to care for, educate and empower our patients during such an uncertain time. Our passionate management team spent many, many hours making sure that we would be able to continue all doing what we love. We switched to new session formats like telehealth, we had to adjust to new behaviours and restrictions. With each announcement of new restrictions, we had to pivot. We all felt the pressure to make sure that the experiences in the clinic and via digital mediums were just as warm and friendly as before COVID. Alongside this, our clinics had a downturn of visitors which meant reducing operating and working hours. The mental load that this time brought with it was immense and meant that we were all feeling out of sorts and unsure on how we would pull through.


With our clinics back running at full capacity I have been able to take a look back at that time with less cloudy vision and see that, while the times were uncertain, the support that we all had in our management team and each other was rock solid! While COVID-19 is still somewhat looming over us I am confident that we have bonded and grown throughout the last 5-6 months and have come out knowing that whatever we face moving forward, each one of us has the support of our teammates. Remember how I said, “At the time I thought I had found the perfect place to continue to build on my personal and professional growth”? You know what… I was right! I am so thrilled to be a part of this group of super cool humans and we can’t wait to look after you in our clinics. 


Signing off for now,

~ Alexandra

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