Post-Op Rehab, What Comes Next?



So you have finished your in-home rehabilitation, what’s next?

Well one thing is for sure, your rehabilitation does not stop there! The fun and exciting part of your rehabilitation starts now, as you can push beyond the boundaries of your home.

Everyone’s next step can vary based on personal preference, recommendation of your physiotherapist and approval from your surgeon. The transition can likely begin back in the clinic where you are able to have continued guidance and reassurance from a physiotherapist. Here we work with you to reevaluate your current goals and set some more functional and longer term goals based on your aims. Our Mile End and Salisbury clinic are a great foundation and further provide other great avenues for you to continue your rehabilitation with the same team.

Getting back into the gym is one great option and we recommend a supervised gym session with one of our physiotherapists, so you feel comfortable and reassured. Our physiotherapists can work with you to develop an individualised gym program based on your functional status and goals. Supervised gym sessions can somewhat mimic your guided in-home sessions, except you have awesome new and exciting equipment to work with and progress you further.

Group classes are a great compliment treatment and are a fun and social alternative to continue your care.  We offer a wide range of classes, all of which are run and supervised by a physiotherapist, so you can feel guided throughout the process. Check out Sophie’s earlier blog on classes, to help you understand more about what we offer and the overall benefits.

Hydrotherapy can initially be disregarded by some, but once a patient hits that warm water and feels the freedom of movement they are more than likely hooked. Hydrotherapy is a great option as it provides a great alternative to gym based exercises, particularly for those who may still be limited by pain and stiffness post operation. In the pool you can be guided by a physiotherapist to continue working on mobility, range of motion, strength and even balance.  

The options are endless for those continuing their care after rehabilitation in the home. Feedback from previous patients suggest that the continued care with a physiotherapist is both comforting and reassuring, especially during a process of unfamiliarity.  It is important to understand that all journeys differ and what works for some may not work for others. Therefore, your transition for continued care after in-home rehabilitation will be individualised to suit you.


At PhysioWest we want your journey to run as smoothly as possible. We love to work with you in and out of the home, to help you work towards those more functional and longer term goals. If you would like some more information and discuss our options further come into the clinics to see our team at PhysioWest.  

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