What to expect once you’ve expected



Sure, we all hear about what to expect when you’re expecting but what should we expect once the babies actually here?!

You go through 9 tough months of huge changes to and within your bodies and now have this incredibly gorgeous little bub which makes it all worth it!

But, what you don’t think about are those aches and pains that can come about with the demands of being a new mum. 

A common complaint is neck and upper back pain. This is due to the demands placed on these structures with frequent nursing and breastfeeding. Your muscles become tight and fatigued over time, which can result in stiff and painful joints. 

Our Physiotherapists and Remedial Massage therapists can help relieve muscle tension and provide you with some self-management strategies/exercises you can perform at home to help reduce this increase in tightness. However, it’s just as crucial to strengthen these muscles to prevent them from getting tight in the first place. A combination of release techniques and strengthening will provide the most benefit and help you get back to enjoying all the activities of early motherhood pain free!

Another common complaint, however, often unreported are issues with your pelvic floor. Most women will experience some sort of compromise to these muscles throughout their pregnancy and birthing journey so you’re not alone and it’s nothing to feel ashamed about. 

The facts:

  • 50% of women who have given birth have some level of prolapse and urinary incontinence.
  • 57% of women never tell anyone about their pelvic floor issues.
  • 72% never seek treatment for it.

Whether it be that little leakage that catches you off guard, luckily there a range of treatment options that may help. 

Pelvic floor strengthening exercises are a simple yet effective tool that when prescribed appropriately can be very effective within just 2 weeks. 

There are also a range of compression garments that can help provide support and activate your pelvic floor muscles to reduce those leakage occurrences. SRC are an Australian brand endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association. They not only have pregnancy/maternity garments but also a ‘recovery’ product line that caters for the new mums out there. These ‘recovery’ garments have been shown to help reduce incontinence and improve quality of life!

So if you are a new mum that’s suffering from pain or little inconveniences throughout the day, come speak to Soph, Zoe or Lauren. We’ll work alongside you to explore appropriate options to help get you  back to enjoying every moment of motherhood pain free!


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