Your next posture is your best posture!



What is ‘good posture’? Traditionally you would think of sitting with a perfectly straight back, a tucked tummy, and your shoulder blades pulled back. But how realistic is it to assume you could maintain that for every minute of the day you spend sitting? Perhaps more importantly, would it even help? 

Our most current understanding of ‘good posture’ is that it really doesn’t exist. Instead, we should reshape the way we think about posture. Rather than HOW we sit, we should think about HOW MUCH we sit, or, perhaps more importantly, HOW LITTLE we move. Think of pain at the end of a long work day as your body’s alert system to say you might’ve been in one position too long. 

So rather than trying to sit one way all day, think about all the different ways you could sit throughout your day and try to schedule some time to change your position. Sit tall and straight, sit slouched, put your feet up, cross your legs, get up and walk around the office, do a couple neck and back twists, and you’ll feel better for it. Acknowledge your body’s alert that it wants you to move, or better yet, keep moving so your body doesn’t even need to remind you! Morale of the story – Your Next Posture is Your Best Posture.


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