Did you know Pre-hab is as important as Rehab?


Elective Surgery Delayed?

Did you know Pre-hab is as important as Rehab?


With elective surgery back on the cards, we are grateful that those in need now have a light at the end of the tunnel. For those still in limbo, we know that Prehab is a worthwhile pursuit in the interim.


As much as movement can at times be uncomfortable, its importance before surgery is key to setting up for a great outcome after surgery.


Patients who undertake exercise based rehab before total knee replacement surgery have an increase in pre-operative function and show less functional decline in the early stages of post-operative management. (Topp et.al 2009).

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Exercise based prehab appears to improve ambulatory function in both the short and long term for total hip replacement patients. (Wang, Gilbey & Ackland 2002).


These principles can also be extended to the sporting context in the younger population, where more conservative strengthening approaches are increasingly recommended for the knee, shoulder and ankle where appropriate.


Tailoring this exercise intensity and frequency to your level is key to gaining the positive outcome you are looking for. With your physiotherapist keeping a watchful eye, a specific and personalised program can be developed to meet your needs, be it at the clinic, in the pool or in the gym.


Sticking to the plan is key, knowing that routine exercise over a number of weeks will prepare you for years of great movement and enjoyment in returning to the activities you love.


If you have surgery planned for later this year, get in touch for an assessment and personalised prehab program to prepare well!

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