Prehabilitation (Pre-hab)


Why Prehabilitation?


If you’ve had your surgery postponed due to COVID-19, or simply want to delay surgery or make the most of your capabilities, there is some work you can do to prepare and boost your postoperative recovery.


Prehabilitation is a strategy that involves exercise and strength training to improve your functional capacity before you go under the knife. Increasing evidence has shown that patients who participate in prehabilitation have less postoperative pain, improved physical function and decreased length of hospital stay following surgery.

Particularly for those undergoing joint replacements, exercise and strength training is an important factor in the management of osteoarthritis which is the leading cause for hip and knee replacements. Exercise can help improve joint pain and stiffness associated with osteoarthritis, and can improve your overall quality of life.


Surgery can be a very daunting process and may leave you with many questions about the procedure and what is expected in the rehabilitation process. Prehabilitation programs are designed to educate and empower you on what is expected after your surgery, and to prepare your body for the rehab process ahead.


Pre-covid, the average waiting time for elective surgery was just 24 days, however this is set to explode due to the thousands of people back logged on lists around the country. Especially in a time like this, when many surgeries are delayed, prehab poses as the perfect opportunity to help optimise your recovery.


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