Tips for Preventing Knee Injuries


As the 2021 sporting season approaches, now is the time to think about injury prevention. With a bit of a shaky season in 2020 and the periodic closures of gyms across the state, it is crucial that our bodies are well prepared leading into this year’s season.

Tip 1: Warm up properly

You would have heard this 100 times over.. but do you actually do it? Warming up ensures that blood is being pumped to your muscles and assists the elasticity and flexibility of your muscle tissue to prevent injury during high intensity exercise. Warm ups should be dynamic and related to your sport, for example, football and netball players should include running, kicking, change of direction and jumping exercises in a progressive manner.

Tip 2: Maintain flexibility

It is important to remain flexible not only in your knees, but also in your hips and ankles as well. Restrictions in hip and ankle range can also affect the loading of your knees and increase your risk of injury. Ensuring you stretch and work on mobility exercises globally can help your body perform at it’s best.

Tip 3: Don’t overtrain

Make sure you listen to your body and incorporate rest into your routine. A lot of injuries that we see are overuse injuries where the body is exposed to more stress than the body can handle. Adequate rest allows the body to repair from the micro trauma caused during training and recover in time for the next training load.

Tip 4: Prepare in the off-season

Preparation is always the key to success! Utilise the off-season to work of your strength and mobility imbalances to ensure your body is as strong as it can be leading up to the season. 

To find out more about injury prevention for the 2021 season, book in and speak to the team at PhysioWest!

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