Proprioception: Prevention or Performance?



Many of us have gone out to sports training, thrown on our runners or boots, done a light jog around the oval, a couple of static stretches and called it a “warm up”. 30 years ago this was the status-quo and widely accepted approach to preparing for exercises, however more and more emerging evidence suggests otherwise.

Whether it be at elite, semi-professional or amateur levels, the importance of a dynamic and sports specific warm up have never been clearer, however it remains poorly adopted among the sporting community. 

Participating in proprioceptive neuromuscular training drills has been shown to reduce injury risk in the lower limb by 22% (Finch et.al 2016). Despite this, prevention unfortunately isn’t quite “sexy” enough, and these programs can be neglected. Maybe we should be re-framing their value?

Not only can these drills reduce injury risk, they also have been shown to improve performance in balance, jumping and sprinting outcomes (Ayala et.al 2017).

In a performance driven industry, where even at grass roots level everyone loves to perform at their best, encouraging dynamic warm ups to improve performance as well as reduce injury may be a better way to get the buy in required for them to be widely accepted. 

If you are a player, coach or parent – come into the clinic for a chat, and spread the word to create a safer and more enjoyable sporting community for all.


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