Rehab Flare Ups! 2 Steps Forward, No Steps Back?


It is a common occurrence that throughout a process to recover from an injury, you can get a flare up of pain. You can be doing so well, right on track to achieving your goals, and then something triggers your pain once more, and it can feel like you’re back to where you started from.

All of that exercise for nothing, right? Well, not quite!

Rarely is the path to recovery a straight line, there will usually be a bump in the road to complicate things. It might be that you did one too many dead lifts that day, run that extra kilometre instead of taking it easy, or maybe it’s something not so obvious such as poor sleep from the previous night or an overly stressful week at work. Due to the nature of pain, there may be many different contributing factors that can result in a flare up. When they occur, it can be a good time to reflect on what might be impacting it, what you might be able to modify to help get yourself through the flare up, and how you might avoid another one in the future!

Don’t lose hope! Just because the plan you set didn’t play out exactly as you would have hoped, you shouldn’t throw in the towel just yet. Flare ups are temporary, and will settle quickly. Then you can get right back on the horse where you left off.

When you have a solid plan to achieve your rehab goals, you can only succeed, or learn. Flare ups are never a failure.

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