Remedial Massage – More than just a luxury

Massage Myth Debunked

Recently I overheard two mothers chatting while their kids were taking turns on the terrific Flying Fox ride at Bonython Park.  The first mother said that she had been feeling a bit run down of late, feeling sore through her back and was thinking of booking a massage. She asked her friend, “What do you think?”  The second mother replied, “I have always found facials more relaxing for me than massages. But then I have only had a few massages when away on holidays…”


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While relaxation techniques are very individual, the conversation made me think of how often people I meet view massage as a luxury “relaxation” item that they indulge in only on holidays. The truth is that massages performed by properly qualified remedial massage therapists, offer much more than relaxation. I would even go as far in saying that regular massages are an essential maintenance therapy for your well-being. Remedial massage can be used as a form of ‘maintenance treatment’  to support optimal well-being.


In 2016, an American complementary therapy journal published a review on the use of massage therapy. They found beneficial effects on a wide range of varying conditions including prenatal depression, autism, pain syndromes including arthritis and fibromyalgia, hypertension, and multiple sclerosis. The study discussed that the benefits may relate to the stimulation of pressure receptors used in massage therapy that enhances vagal nerve activity and reduces cortisol levels.

Reading this, I smiled and thought, I must go back to Bonython Park soon and share this study with two mothers.



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Physio West | Physiotherapy, exercise therapy and massage services in Adelaide, South Australia.Alan Quek, Remedial Massage Therapist, PhysioWest


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