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With the current restrictions in place regarding social outings, we realise you may be missing your routine physical activity, so here at PhysioWest we thought we’d get creative and bring @Home classes to you!

Throughout these periods of social distancing and staying home, our main concern is the health and well-being of our patients. Our @Home classes not only increase the safety and well-being of one another but also help you to remain active and strong.

So, what’s involved?

Each weekday we will post a new class video for you to follow along at your own leisure throughout the week, around your individual schedules. What’s great about this is that it’s not a live stream that then disappears once finished. This workout/stretch routine is then yours to keep so you can complete it as often as you want throughout the week to reach your health and fitness goals.

You can follow along with these videos on your laptop or big TV screen, in your pyjamas, or even with a glass of wine by your side (for a post class treat).

The classes we are offering are:

  • Pace: a gentle start to the week, perfect for those who’ve had joint replacement surgery
  • Body Strong (Lower): a strength session to get your legs firing
  • Stretch: a mid-week recovery session to loosen up – great for everyone!
  • Core: A pilates style workout to wake up those tummy muscles
  • Body Strong (Upper): a strength session for your upper body to finish the week!

How do I stay connected?

We will be creating a private group on Facebook with fellow @Home class participants where we can communicate, post our class workout videos and also share post class selfies. This is a great way for us to keep our social aspect of classes whilst maintaining a very large distance apart.

Will I need any equipment?

We will provide you with a complementary resistance band pack to get you started. We have also organised an @Home Pack including the equipment you will need at home for the various classes. These are optional and can be substituted for your everyday house hold items. (Who knew a bag of rice or a water bottle could double as a weight?!?). If you would like to know more about the equipment pack give us a call in clinic.


What does it cost?

For $10 per week, you will have access to all videos, education, advice and support from our amazing team!

An additional cost for your equipment class pack will provide you with all the tools to complete the 6-week program and beyond. These range between $60 – $70 depending on your class choice.

These classes are not claimable on private health however all videos shared with you are yours to keep, meaning you can perform these whenever you want in the leisure of your own home.

Where do I sign up?  

All you need to do is book using the link on this page.

From here we will:

  • organise the private class groups and send you the class equipment pack you’ll need and
  • get in touch with you to organise an easy direct debit solution.
  • Then we will be in touch about when week #1 starts.

Can’t wait to start up and help you keep moving and achieve your goals!