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Have you suffered an injury at work?

Following a workplace injury, our small and friendly team of physios can assist with your recovery and help you stay at or return to work as safely and as soon as possible. Our physios will assess your condition and provide treatment. In addition, they will liaise with your doctors, medical specialists, case manager and employer to prepare a plan for your rehabilitation and eventual return to work, including assignment of suitable duties. The benefit for you as the patient is a seamless interaction with medical professionals, and treatment options that take care of you and support you to return to work.


We can also help with workplace injury prevention

Our team can also help you in the prevention of injury at work. Being unfit or carrying underlying physical issues (e.g. joint stiffness or muscle weakness), can make you predisposed to injuries at work. This is especially so if your job involves heavy or repetitive tasks. Even desk jobs require elements of fitness for good posture and flexibility.

There are numerous injuries which can result from motor vehicle accidents with whiplash being one of the most common, annoying and painful. However, most motor vehicle accident related injuries can be treated successfully by physiotherapy. At PhysioWest we’ll be able to diagnose your condition following a collision and help you recover from it as quickly and effectively as possible. If you experience any symptoms following a motor vehicle accident, it is very important that you undergo a thorough physical assessment to ensure that you have not sustained a soft tissue injury. Our physiotherapists will assess the affected area and advise you on the best immediate management and treat the area if required.

So if you, or someone you know, has recently experienced pain or injury due to work, a motor vehicle accident, or you have an old injury/condition that you feel may be putting you at risk of pain or injury, talk to one of our physios for advice. You can make a booking online now, or call us on (08) 8352 3582.

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