Matt’s Experiences With Shoulder Rehab


My own experiences with shoulder rehab

Matt Stamatas – Physiotherapist


My passion for treating and helping people with shoulder pain comes from significant personal experience with shoulder pain and dysfunction.

In 2010 I experienced a significant loss in shoulder function, being unable to raise my right arm above my head at all. After a brief period of severe pain, I lost all strength in that shoulder and it stopped me participating in sport and going to the gym. After speaking to several other physios and a neurologist, I was at a loss as to what to do. Eventually, I decided to work on the movements I couldn’t do and trained them up in the gym. I started with no weight at all and very few movements, and eventually added weight and increased my repetitions. Over a period of 3 years I eventually regained all function in my right shoulder. I then went on to have a relatively successful rowing career so it worked a treat.

However, after I stopped rowing I experienced a similar problem in my left shoulder. Again, I had a period of severe pain and then loss of strength in the shoulder. I was extremely frustrated, but I knew what I had to do this time. I repeated the process again and trained it up with weights and by challenging myself to move in the ways I found most difficult. Eventually, two years later I can now lift more weights that I ever could prior to my injuries. Despite two set-backs, I continued to get stronger through the use of exercise and by challenging my body to move differently.

The point of this all is to highlight how exercise was the determining factor for my recovery. There was no hands-on magic that could be done to help what happened to my shoulders and there was no one else who could do the work for me.

The answer lay simply in commitment, movement and time.

Sometimes that can be hard to hear when you are hurting or can’t do the things you love, but the reality is that hard work will pay off if you commit yourself to it. My personal experience has made me want to help people experiencing any form of shoulder pain or dysfunction because I know the challenges it can present. I understand the frustration, I understand the pain, but if I can do it with my shoulders so can you.

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