Is your Smart Phone killing you?

We all worry about EMF radiation from phones but this could be the least of your concerns!

As our new phones get smarter, faster and larger than ever before so too has our desire to use our phones and be in constant contact with others. More than ever we are becoming addicted to our phones.

We are spending a greater period of our day looking, using, researching and communicating on social media, phones are no longer a way just call someone.  If you look at any large building in the city at lunch time you see hundreds of people bent forward looking at their phones.

We get stressed when we send a text or message to someone and they don’t answer straight away. In our grandparent’s day, you would send a letter to someone and if you got a reply in a week you were impressed.


We go to the Gym to get fit and exercise but these days you see people doing one 30 second rep on a machine and then will sit and look at their phone for the next few mins and then do another rep of exercise. We need time in our day when we are Phone free and move freely not bent over looking at our Phones.

Having more time in your day taken up sitting or walking while looking down using your phone, means there is less time to be active. In a society where Obesity is at epidemic levels and is causing more medical problems such as Diabetes and Heart disease, the extra time we spend not being active and playing on our phones is a slow silent killer.

There should be an app designed that tells people how much shorter there life is calculated on the hours you spend on your phone.

So, if you find that at the end of you day you have tired shoulders, arms hurting, stiff neck and a head ache it may not be your job but your addiction / love affair for your phone.  As with people who work at work stations all day they need breaks and to do exercises to free up their tight and tired muscles and joints. The same can be said for extended use of your smart phones.

Physiotherapist’s are able to assist people to set a stretching and strengthening program in place to help with issues around using your Smart Phones. And you can even book online using your Smart Phone!

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Published by Glenn Watson, Physiotherapist, PhysioWest

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