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Suffered an injury at Soccer? Physio can help!

Sporting injuries are common among soccer players, with the highest rates of injuries occurring in the ankles and the knees. These injuries can come about from a collision, fall, overuse, or most commonly, with an awkward landing.

Soft tissue injuries require accurate diagnosis early, and a comprehensive rehabilitation plan to get you back to performing better than ever as soon as possible.

So whether you’ve just sustained an injury and want to know what comes next, or if you’ve just pulled up sore from last night’s training, we would love to help!

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Hi I’m Ben. It’s great to meet you!

Growing up playing a lot of basketball, I’ve had my fair share of injuries, (particularly the rolled ankles!) and I always found that physiotherapy was able to get me back to playing quickly. Throughout my study, I’ve enjoyed watching and assisting my brother rehabilitate after tearing his ACL (twice).

My Life motto is: Be kind to EVERYONE

My focus areas and passion lies in:

  1. Return to fitness and health
  2. Return to sport
  3. Acute injury management

Outside of work, I’m a middle child in the family, with one older brother, and two younger sisters. I love playing social basketball and mixed Soccer.

Ben Slade


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