The Unexpected Challenge

Think Tai Chi is too easy…think again!


Tai Chi is often misinterpreted as being an exercise for older people only.

Not true! It is great for everyone.

In fact, a session of Tai Chi is the equivalent to 30mins of gentle cycling or gentle gymnastics.


There are many forms of Tai Chi, PhysioWest focus on ‘Tai Chi for Health’ which is aimed at improving your strength and endurance, posture and breathing pattern. It also centres around improving your coordination, flexibility and balance. So why not wake up with us on a Wednesday morning?


Picture this …You move your weight into your right foot then you lift your left heel up off the ground. You engage through your tummy, breathe in then breathe out as you lift your foot. You hold that left foot up in the air and hear the count of “10… 9… 8…” as you keep holding. Your right leg starts to quiver. You remember you are tensing your shoulders, so you consciously relax your shoulders and stop clenching your face.  You are asked to bend your right leg a little more, which will make it easier to balance, but also makes your right leg work hard!


After your leg exercises in standing, you are encouraged to take a seat. But don’t put your feet up and relax, there is still more to do! We aren’t just sitting down so you can take it easy. We are sitting down to mimic the position you will be in later that day when you are sitting at your office desk, driving, eating dinner or watching television this evening. You will be asked to focus on your breathing and experiment with getting a bit more flexibility in your mid back as you hold a series of poses.


You will be given homework – exercises you can easily repeat later that day for lasting benefits.


Are you an

  • office worker who sits ALL day? This class is perfect. Before long you will be doing your chin tucks as your write emails without even knowing it.
  • tradie who spends more time standing at the work bench? Don’t worry, you will have standing exercises as well; this might alleviate any aches or pains you experience as the day drags on.
  • mum, dad, aunty, uncle, brother, sister or grandparent who spends time sitting on the floor with your kids? Of course there are easy mat exercises you can take home with you as well.


See we told you it was great for everyone!

Does this sound like a class that might interest you?

A class that will make you work?

This class will help to improve your posture, flexibility, coordination and strength.

Join us for 7.15am Stretch and Tai Chi with Laura Wednesday mornings. Book now online or by calling 8352 3582.

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Published by Laura Hundertmark

Physiotherapist, PhysioWest


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